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It is my observation that over 90% of melodic sight-reading mistakes happen in rhythm. My book introduces a rhythmic sight-reading method that I have developed over the past three decades of teaching music called “The Tik-A Tee Method.” This method works. It is fun, easy to learn, and practical. It is intended for ANY AND EVERY ENSEMBLE TYPE – or private instruction – in upper elementary, middle school, high school, college and beyond. The 172-page book is formatted as a cumulative and scaffolded 36-week curriculum from beginning to advanced rhythms, and uses a language-based learning system utilizing the vocalization of rhythms. The words are easy to say at both slow and fast tempos, and transfer to all time signatures. This method also helps to isolate and compartmentalize rhythms appropriately, similar to the way we learn a new language. There are over 346 practice exercises that are all accompanied by over 363 MP3 "answers" to the exercises. Additional free supplemental material will be offered through social media platforms as well as YouTube. There is also a 20” x 30” classroom poster available - and is FREE with every 30 books ordered! Buy one for your private lesson student, or a classroom set for your large ensemble!

Rhythmic Sight-Reading: The Tik-A Tee Method

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  • With over 346 practice exercises and over 363 supplemental MP3s, take your rhythmic sight-reading to the next level and be amazed at how this method dramatically improves your melodic sight-reading! Comes in a spiral binding so the book stays open on your music stand!

    **For orders of 30 or more books, please email me at for a quote (you also get a FREE poster!).

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