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Fall 2020 - As I enter the second year in my new adventure here in Connecticut, there have been many significant changes.  After 30 years in Miami, Florida, I began working at The Gunnery in 2019, here in picturesque Washington, CT.  In July of 2020, the school announced a rebranding and name change, after 170 years, as a recommitment to its founder, Frederick Gunn.  I am now the Director of the Arts and Music Director at The Frederick Gunn School!  The FGS $23MM Thomas Perakos Arts & Community Center opened in January, and two months later we were all thrust into a global pandemic and distance learning.  Although this has been a challenge, teachers across the country (and beyond) embraced the virtual classroom and all became first-year teachers again in a new world of education.  Our music program at FGS worked hard to release 10 virtual ensembles in the spring, and we are doing the same this fall.  Please check out my YouTube channel to see!  More updates to come...stay tuned!

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