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The pieces below are available through JWPepper/MyScore.

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Trust In The Mercy Of God!, originally composed in 2000 and premiered by the University of Miami's Chorale under the baton of Jo-Michael Sheibe, has been updated to a more accessible version as of 2018. Copyright 2018

Ron Castonguay Music

The pieces below are published by Leap Year Music and are available through JWPepper.

Furioso takes you on an exciting and frolicking ride with A and B-flat harmonic minor scales. With delicate legato melodies, harmonic shifts, and syncopation, this challenging and programmatic work is sure to become one of your students' favorite pieces!

Furioso Cover #2.png

Starting with a beautiful duet between violin and cello, this fantasia rendition of a holiday classic is sure to embrace audiences of all ages. Each section gets a chance to play the melody in either legato or pizzicato. 

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Leap Year Publishing

With its dark harmonies, contagious melodies and bright tempo, this work is enjoyable for all sections.

It captures the essence of the glowing and flickering candles of the menorah.

The Menorah Leap Year Publishing

Portraying both the reflective and celebratory sides of the Hanukkah season, this piece weaves between minor and parallel major keys, and from legato to staccato articulations creating a vivid musical portrait of Hanukkah. An elegant addition to your holiday program.

The Menorah Leap Year Publishing
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